WD Music Tele Electronic Wiring Kit

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WD Music Tele Electronic Wiring Kit

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Tele wiring kit. If you feel that the electrics on your Tele guitar are in need of an upgrade, then look no further. These are the best components on the market today and are perfect for improving the overall performance of your instrument.This kit consists of two custom audio taper 250k solid shaft CTS pots, one 0.047 and one 0.001 Sprague Orange Drop Capacitor, four feet of USA made, 22 gauge, cloth covered wire (2 ft of black, 2 ft of white), one Oak USA 3 way switch and a Switchcraft USA jack socket.All components come with the necessary washers, nuts and screws.... and we even throw in a diagram too, so you know what goes where. Will these parts fit my Tele? There are a few things to check first before ordering this kit. First of all, the CTS pots have a 9.5mm threaded section and so your Tele control plate needs to be drilled with pot holes that are 9.6mm in diameter. Some control plates have smaller holes meaning that our CTS pots will not fit. Please see our Gotoh replacement Telecaster control plate that has 9.6mm diameter pot holes. The next thing to check are the metal knurled knobs - the holes in the knobs need to be drilled out to 6.35mm (1/4") in diameter to fit onto the solid shaft CTS pots that come with this kit. If your original Telecaster knobs have smaller holes, then please consider some of our dome top or flat top replacements. Finally, not all 3 way switches are the same The 3 way switch that comes with this kit has a blade measuring just under 5mm and will require a switch tip that has a slot big enough to push-fit on. If your original switch has a blade that is 3.5mm then your existing switch tip will not have a big enough slot to fit onto the Oak 3 way switch and so you will need to order a barrel or top hat switch tip replacement.   

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