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Parker 26C Safety Razor

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€ 32,95
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PARKER 26C DOUBLE EDGE (DE) SAFETY RAZOR PRODUCT The black and chrome Parker 26C is an open comb three piece safety razor. A great, comfortable and blanced razor and EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY - just as you expect from Parker. Also available in all-chrome (as the 24C) HOW TO USE The Razor head is released by unscrewing the handle and lifting the cover clear to insert the blade. Slot the head cover back in place, screw and tighten the handle and you're ready to go - Simple RECOMMENDED FOR The more experienced shaver or those in need of a more aggressive shave. GROOMING TIP Always rinse excess soap and stubble off your razor after use to prevent a stubborn build-up of residue. This protects your razor and ensures it is ready to go for your next shave without any further prep.   DIMENSIONS  A. OVERALL LENGTH TBCMM B. HANDLE LENGTH TBCMM C. HEAD WIDTH TBCMM [safety-razor-outline.jpg] Weight: 90g.     Made in India

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