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96pcs Colored Pencil Kit

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(Brief description of H & B 96 colored pencil kit) Its definitely a pleasure to use. This selection of 96 high-quality colored pencils has quickly become the pencil of choice for thousands of artists and colorists who dream of creating exquisite works of art in this popular medium. The rich, velvety refills of H & B 96 colored pencil kitare highly pigmented and can be painted with a lot of bright colors with minimal effort, making these easy-to-use pencils an absolute must-have The blending and layering qualities you can really rely on We Knowing that you need colored pencils, it allows you to add depth by layering, create beautiful blending effects such as gradients or achieve perfect shadows. The composition of our color core allows you to achieve these effects effortlessly and make them work Its a pleasure to look up and create a proud result. (H & B 96 colored pencil kit review:)1.Duan**:The packaging is very careful and strict, and the color of the lead color is also very uniform. The color difference is very positive. Order quantity:652.Kan**:Good stuff, good seller attitude, trustworthy merchant. Order quantity:363.T**:Good product of super high quality (H & B 96 colored pencil kit combination:) 72 color oily color lead 12 drawing pencils 8B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H 3 carbonized pencils soft (SOFT), medium (MEDIUM), hard (HARD) 1 extender 1 double-headed solid paper pen (large) 1 white eraser 1 neutral highlight pen (high gloss white) 1 double-headed small marker 1 large sandboard 1 utility knife 1 double-end metal pen sharpener 1 H&B A5 sketchbook 30 pages 160g

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