38 Colors Travel Sewing Kit

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38 Colors Travel Sewing Kit

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€ 36,29 GRATIS verzending

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COMPLETE SEWING KITThis is a complete sewing kit that contains all the necessary sewing supplies and accessories. There is no need in a sewing machine. There are spools of many colors, scissors, buttons, needles and threads, etc. All sewing supplies are already ready for you in this travel sewing kit. PROFESSIONAL, EASY-TO-USE SEWING KITS FOR ADULTS and Kids: Without sewing machines, just a sewing kit could solve urgent sewing. It is friendly to sewing beginners and can be easily used by beginners. SEWING ACCESSORIES FOR USE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Every tool in sewing bag is fixed in one position. You could carry this emergency sewing kit with you, it will not spread out and become messy. When you open it, it will still be neatly displayed. QUALITY DESRVES PRICEIn the cheap needle and thread kit for sewing, the sewing thread will be too short and easy to break, the sewing needles will be easily bent, etc. The basic sewing kit will not let you encounter these problems, so that you don't worry about sewing. A USEFUL GIFTIf you are wondering for select a gift, this is a good choice. Whether it's adults or kids, backpackers, sewing beginners, professional tailors, and frequent travellers, it's a good place to own it.

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