24pcs Natural Ear Candles,beeswax Hollow Cone Candling Non-toxic

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24pcs Natural Ear Candles,beeswax Hollow Cone Candling Non-toxic

24pcs Natural Ear Candles,beeswax Hollow Cone Candling Non-toxic

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Description Organic and Healthy: The ear cones candles are handmade with natural beeswax and 100% pure organic plant materials, in full compliance with environmental requirements. 8 Fragrances: Orange-Sweet Citrus, Green-Healthy Green Tea, White-Refreshing Peppermint, Purple-Calming Lavender, Pink Red-Romantic Rose, Yellow-Relaxing Bergarmot, Blue-Warm Rosemary, Brown-Soothing Sandalwood. Designed with natural smell, enables you to enjoy the comfortable and relaxing environment. Smokeless: Beeswax ear candles provide a pure and clean-burning flame that produces very little smoke, clean the air by releasing cleansing ions. No chemicals, pesticides or harmful ingredients used in our candles. Safe to use: Safety warning line indicates where to stop burning candle, then you can put the burning candle in the water to extinguish it. 12 Protective discs are included to prevent any burned residue from getting into the ear and more safe to use. Effectiveness: Ear candles can help reduce stress and help your body and mind relax Used for a vast number of therapeutic indications such as headaches, sinus problems, tinnitus, excess ear wax (cerumen) build up etc.

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